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Command for 'Internet Protocal Version 4(TCP/IPv4) Proporties'

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  • Command for 'Internet Protocal Version 4(TCP/IPv4) Proporties'


    Is there a command that I can use in CMD or Powershell to reach 'Internet Protocal Version 4(TCP/IPv4) Proporties', I know tyhat you can configure its in 'sconfig', but I want to use a command that gives me straigt the windows GUI

    I mean this screen:

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    Doing some in-depth searching (using the hidden tool called ), it looks like you're far from the 1st person to ask this, but no one has an answer for such a 1-step action. The 'Properties' dialog is a Windows shell operation, pulling various registry entries into a GUI. If all you want is to see or change values for some device, why not just enter the commands with the values you want? A simple script to ask for each basic value (address, netmask, default gateway, dns 1, dns2) and then submit those settings to that device, shouldn't take long to knock up. The list of all such commands can be found at:
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