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Windows Server 2012R2 standard Terminal licenses

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  • Windows Server 2012R2 standard Terminal licenses

    This is probably a basic question

    Can someone please give a basic break down Terminal Services?
    Is the license included in win 2012R2 std?
    Isn't RDP the same as Terminal Services?
    How do I check if I have Terminal Services license?
    How do I add a user to Terminal services?

    Have a user the needs to login the server application since the application client on the laptop does not work.

    thank you in advance.

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    Terminal Services is the 'new' name for what was called Remote Desktop (RDP). Any server has 2 TS licenses included, meaning you can have 2 different remote logins active at the same time. If you have a dedicated Terminal Server license, the Server Role of Terminal Services would be active on that server. You don't 'add a user to Terminal Services', you give a user access to log in remotely, thru Group Policy. Ideal way to do that is to create a security group, and give that group the remote authority in Group Policy. After that's done, simply add any user to that group and you're done.
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      You can find some info on these urls