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2012 RDS AD Security 'User Must Change Password at next logon'

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  • 2012 RDS AD Security 'User Must Change Password at next logon'

    I set up new AD users with a temporary password and the 'User must change password at next logon' option turned on so the first time they sign in they must change their password.
    But when the user access RDWeb the first time with Firefox or Chrome (or if their browser history has been cleared) they are prompted with an authentication dialog box and can never get past it even with the correct credentials. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you work around it? I can tell them IE is the recommended browser for RDS access but I was hoping there was a better solution since so many don't use it.

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    Sounds like the same issue I've seen with VPN-over-SSL appliances and Terminal Services--if the authentication is not completely acknowledged because you have to change the password to complete, the interface you're using may not be able to handle what amounts to an incomplete authentication. Web interfaces are 'yes/no' deals, not 'yes, but...', unless there's some MS customization that's outside the W3C standard.
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