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Suggest me the bestrver/Client solution

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  • Suggest me the bestrver/Client solution

    I would like to have a free centralized backup solutions to backup files from the client computers with in the same network.Pls suggest any software whih can perform backup of files from the client PC to a server . The files are not huge , it is around 5 GB on multiple PC ( approx 100 PC)

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    What will you be backing up?

    Does the backup require long time storage?

    In its easiest form have a single server with enough storage, 5 * 100 = 500GB, and have your use windows backup to backup to a file share.


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      backing up jst xls,word files, PPT from the client PC running win7,win8 OS. how cud i go with centralized backup in it ?? .ThnQ for the reply


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        I've closed your post as its a duplicate of thisone.

        Robocopy is a nice free solution that can be run at a schedule via a backup. We use it all the time when we have a need to move data around quickly.