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  • Windows Server Backup - log

    Is there a way with Windows Server backup to see the actual files that were processed - skipped, backed up, etc. In Robocopy you have a log that you can set up that will display every file and whether it was copied, skipped, etc. - I would like that with Windows Server Backup as well. If it is not native to Windows Server Backup then a third-party utility or Powershell script would work as well. If different for different versions of Windows Server would appreciate solution for all.

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    Windows Server Backup - log See if that helps. I know it is for Server 2008 but I can't see much changing for the backup app.


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      Thanks. Sorry for the delay. The log we are looking at just seems to indicate the folders/files backed up - not sizes. Anything you know of that does that? Or are we looking at the wrong log?