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    I have 4 1.2tb 10k sas Hdd, I need to store exchange 2013 edb and sql mdf. Which configure would be best. 2 raid 1, one each for each piece of data or 1 raid 10 storing both pieces of data. If I go for 2 raid 1 i can separate the data from each other. But I know there is a performance increase with raid10.

    what do you guy think. I plan to put the trn logs on another set of disk 2 * 300gb

    regards mark

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    IMHO the RAID 10 option unless you can do the RAID1's on separate controllers - RAID 10 gives more flexibility over size of files etc

    Separately, you do know that putting Exchange and SQL Server on the same box is not a good idea - both will attempt to hog all available memory (giving it up gracefully on demand) so you will see a constant battle between the two for the machine's RAM

    Also keep the Exchange logs on a separate array if you can
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      Thanks for the reply. The sql and exchange are separate virtual machines on a single hyperv 2012r2 host. Ml350g9. I have a pair of 600gb in raid 1 for guest OS. Another separate raid 1 volume for trn logs. Finally I couldn't decide on the 4 1.2tb, should I separate In to 2 raid1 or bundle them all together in a raid 10.
      also I have another raid1 with the hyperv host os installed so most all other system stuff is separated.
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