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Sharing Workfolders between more than one user on Windows 2012R2

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  • Sharing Workfolders between more than one user on Windows 2012R2

    Hi all,

    I am hope that this is the correct forum for this question with regards to a Windows 2012R2 workfolders issue that I have. I am currently rolling out Workfolders to our organisation and the initial testing has proved successful and it is suiting our needs well; however I have the need to share a users' workfolder with another user. Specifically the CEO requires his PA to be able to access his workfolder. I could just map a drive internally for the PA but that doesn't really suit our needs and we would like the functionality and ease of use that workfolders gives us. I also thought of creating a security group for them and have the owner of the folder set to be that group but that doesn't seem to work.
    The ideal scenario would be to have a folder that the CEO & PA share through the workfolders client and their personal workfolders but I as far as I can see the workfolders client will not allow that. I know we could use something like One Drive but I am trying to keep everything as uniform as possible across the organisation.
    If anybody has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

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    IIRC you can't - by design work folders are to allow a single user to synchronise content between multiple devices. You will need a more organised structure using file shares
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