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RIS Service in Windows Server2012

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  • RIS Service in Windows Server2012

    Hi ,

    One of our client is plan to purchase windows 2012 , and windows 8 as a client OS . There will be about 100 client machines are to be there. Now can we install OS in all of this workstations using a RIS Service as same as windows server 2003.

    Does windows server 2012 supports RIS Functionality ? Can any provide steps to configure RIS on windows server 2012.

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    To answer the actual relevant question:

    RIS (Remote Installation Service) was and still is used in Server 2012 however it had a name change, around Server 2008 from memory, and is now called WDS (Windows Deployment Services). If you need help with it then here is the bet place to start:


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      FYI Wullie, RIS was deposed by WDS in Server 2003 SP2. Personally I preferred RIS because Ghost was easier to implement with it IMO. WDS is a freaking pain to deploy when you have multiple partitions. Ghost just imaged the whole disk irrespective of partitions.

      Not being pedantic; just informative. Knowledge is power.
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        2003 was such a long time ago now