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  • SMTP Server Role Process

    Dear People

    I am a bit of a newbie to SMTP. Can any one please answer my questions.

    1. How to setup Inter-Domain SMTP mail service to communicate among the domain members?

    2. What is the application/Software the communicaiton process should use.

    3. What is the relationship between the external mail servers and the one in the internal domain?

    4. Does the internal domain work individually or are mails forwaded to different mail servers.?

    Thank You

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    SMTP works through delivering mail to a domain using that domain's MX records. The sending mail server software receives the mail message from the mail client, gets the recipient address domain from the SMTP envelope, contacts that domain's DNS records, retrieves the MX record details which give it the SMTP delivery address and the receiving mail server located at the address specified in the MX record delivers the message to the mail store.

    You can configure a mail server to deliver mail using a smarthost (which 'relays' mail on your behalf and which requires dedicated SPF records configured in the parent domain's DNS TXT records which authorise the smarthost to deliver mail on the parent domain's behalf), or direct 'end-to-end' delivery where the mail server takes control of the entire delivery process.

    Internal mail (local mail) never leaves the parent mail server. Local mail is always delivered directly to the relevant mail store.

    You use whichever software you want to, or which is appropriate for your environment.
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