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Java and Adobe Updates for AD Network

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  • Java and Adobe Updates for AD Network


    I am hoping for some advise on a better way to deploy Java and Adobe updates. Our company has recently gone from 35 workstations, and 4 servers, to over 80 workstations and over 20 servers! We have been organizing and scheduling everything so we can maintain it, and it seems to be going well.

    Until now, we have been maintaining computer updates manually, and previously this hasn't been a problem. With the company growth, we have implemented WSUS for updates. This has been successful, however I cant seem to find a good way to deploy Java or Adobe. When selecting the products in the WSUS settings, I saw (and selected) Oracle. I was hoping this would include Java updates, but i have not seen one come through.

    Has anyone found a better way?
    Please advise!

    Any and all advice and opinions are welcome and appreciated!
    Thank you

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    I use Ninite Pro to handle third party application updates. It's relatively inexpensive and fairly easy to use. There are a number of other solutions out there, but this works for me.


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      You can publish 3rd party updates using WSUS - with a bit of fiddling
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        I haven't tried this yet but it looks ok. WSUS Package Publisher .

        Alternatively, you can apply for an Adobe Distribution Licence. This gives you access to all the MSI packages. With Java you either need to install it on the appropriate hardware platform and then recover the MSI or you can use an app to create the MSI wrapper. Once you have MSIs you can deploy them via a GPO. I used to keep the MSI name the same so I didn't have to recreate a new GPO each time. A text file in the deployment folder kept a record of what version of each was presently installed. A bit primitive but it worked.

        Local Update Publisher is one I have used and it works well.


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          Thank you all for your advise,

          I apologize for the delay in response.

          We have decided to go with ninitepro! Thank you Joeqwerty!


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            Glad to help.