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File sharing between untrusted domains

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  • File sharing between untrusted domains


    I have four different domains, and there is no trust between any of them. I want to transfer files from Domain A to Domain B, C and D.

    The way I can see this be done securely is by installing a SSH server, such as for example Bitvise on a Server in Domain A. Then I would have to install a SFTP client (such as Win SCP) on the clients I want to transfer files to in Domain B, C and D.

    Unfortunately there is no built-in SSH server/SFTP Client on Windows servers, so I have to rely on third party products.
    But can you guys think of any other way I can accomplish this task, without creating trusts between the different domains?

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    Are they in the same physical location, or are there VPNs between them? If so, all you need is windows explorer and credentials in the other domain

    IIS includes FTP, and you can secure it with a third party SSL certificate
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      Thanks for the reply.

      They are separated by routers and firewalls. The "clients" are actually 2012R2 servers too, and I have to perform these file transfers programatically (through a scheduled task). Which is why I figured simply providing credentials in the other domain would not suffice.

      I did contemplate FTPS, but that requires configuration of firewal beyond using just one port, which is why I opted for SFTP instead. FTPS would have been a more attractive option, if there was built-in support for transferring files through FTPS in Windows Server, but there is not, and I have to use a 3rd party FTPS client.