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Certificate Authority on DC or PDC

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  • Certificate Authority on DC or PDC

    Hi Guys, Your Advice and Input is appreciated.

    I work in a mid -large organization and we are Implementing Blackboard learning system that requires LDAP over SSL,....My question is and I know some may say this a bad practise based on Microsoft but I am finding it deciding on where to set up a CA on a DC or BDC...Could anybody please tell me if I can setup the CA on our Backup domain controller or on separate server with Active directory services enabled on it or BASICALLY pls tell me the best place to set up a CA without security or conflict issues in the domain

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    There's a lot of info here. Which server you set it up on seems to depend on which flavour of Windows Server you have available (see the second entry), and point No 7 advises against using a DC.

    (Taken from these search results)
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