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DNS troubleshooting: Group Policies not applied.

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  • DNS troubleshooting: Group Policies not applied.

    Hi all,
    I recently installed a local network at my work that consists of two DCs and one fileserver. Both DCs have DNS roles installed and work as primary and secondary (the second is replicating the first one). The machines are all installed on VSphere platform. After creating these 3 VMs i had to mae a child domain for a different department in my work, so i created another two VMs acting as DCs (again primary and secondary) of the child domain. A week ago a client PC had to be formatted so i deleted it from the active directory, i formatted it and rejoined it with the same PC name. I realized that i couldn't get all group policies applied and it is giving me a big headache. During troubleshooting i also had some errors in results running DCDIAG and nltest. I need help troubleshooting the entire situation because i think i might have some DNS issues or Trust relationship issues. What steps should i follow in order to find the exact problem and which results need to be published in order for someone to help me (should i publish the ones already found with dcdiag and nltest?) ? I am really an amateur in the Windows Server subject so any help appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    You will need to do a meta data cleanup as well as demoting your server that was just built.