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Implement server failover

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  • Implement server failover

    How to implement failover in my windows 2012 r2 server.
    My hp l350 is running windows 2012r2 and SQL 2014 as a member server in our domain.
    Just procured another hpl350 to act as a failover server but don't know how to start the configuration. Help

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    I've never done this, but I recall reading about VM failover. Could you create a VM on your primary server, configure it as needed, and then configure the second server as a failover server (so that the VM is replicated)??

    Hopefully, someone who knows about this might be able to offer a better explanation or suggestion.
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      Failover for what exactly??

      DHCP, DC....


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        the windows 2012r2 is a member server. it is where our mssql resides. i just want to that the second server takes over in case the main server malfunctions like memory failure or mboard failure


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          Since it is SQL Server, you have a number of options (depending on the version). Clustering is the normal one, but Availability Groups are in SQL 2014 and, IIRC, 2012.
          As stated, VM failover is another option. Since you are protecting against hardware failure, you will need to do your high availability at the host level (VM failover to another host or SQL failover to a VM on a different host).
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