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Backup and restore single domain controller

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  • Backup and restore single domain controller

    Hi guys,

    Today I tried to test backup/restore of single domain controller. The test was performed on virtual machine Windows Server 2012 with the following roles: AD DS, DNS, DHCP and Certificate Authority. Below are the steps I did:
    1. Created backup of System state.
    2. Deleted disk with OS and created new one.
    3. Installed Windows Server 2012.
    4. Booted in DSRM mode and restored System state.
    5. After restoration of System state booted in normal mode.

    After restoring System state AD Domains and Trusts, AD Sites and Services and AD Users and Computers tools are not started. The reason is the same "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted".

    It is said that mostly it's related to the missing connection with Global Catalog, but in my case it seems to be accessible on restored domain controller.
    C:\Users\Administrator>dsquery server -domain -isgc
    Could you, please, explain why backup of System state turned to be not enough for full restoration and if it is possible to restore domain controller properly in this situation.

    Thank you.

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    This link describes verifying the restore by booting into Directory Services Repair Mode after restoring the system state.
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