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  • DFS Replication Out of Date

    Guys, I need some advice on how best to set DFS replication back up. We got hit with an encryption virus last week and unfortunately the encrypted files replicated via DFS-R back to our read only DFS-R backup server.

    I have x2 member servers in a mesh but we only use DFS replication (no namespace)

    MEMBER1 = data is read / write, this is the referral server which users edit data on

    MEMBER2 = located off site, data is marked as read only. The read only DFS data is backed up to tape

    The link speed in between both sites is very poor and we had to pre-seed the original DFS replication setup.

    The plan was to make the read-only DFS data on MEMBER2 writable, then restore the files from tape back into the DFS folder on MEMBER2 (so the tape restore was being done locally), then DFS would take care of replication back to site.

    I soon discovered that making a read only DFS share writable causes a sync of the entire DFS data which would have taken months top sync back to site before it would have been in a position to start replicating the restored files.

    We then decided to restore files direct to MEMBER1 over the WAN but we had to disable DFSR as it was fighting the bandwidth trying to sync files.

    Im now in a position where the replication is out of date.

    Im trying to set replication back up again without wiping out the live data on MEMBER1

    I was thinking to delete the replication from both servers & set this back up again doing another pre-seed but from what Ive read if you remove a member server it Tombstones it for 30 days, then if you re-add this back into replication before 30 days it will remove the tombstone flag. If the DFS data is removed from this server it could potentially delete everything.

    MEMBER2 which is the backup server also has other DFS replicated folders on going to other members, it acts as a central backup server.

    Im thinking I need to set DFS back up in writeable mode at both ends in case we ever have these issues again, at least then I could let DFSR push restored files back to site.

    Does anyone know how to correctly remove replication & set this back up?