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printer modification

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  • printer modification


    this is my first topic in this site

    i want to ask you in my organization i am trying to did some changes on the print sever side

    i am planing to ably a secure printing to all users my questions is

    1- if i modify on the executing driver did i need to to add it again ( if i apply secure print it will take some time and it applied automatically or i need manually to visit the user and remove the driver and re add it again )

    2- if yes , what is the ways to delete the users with out effecting on the printer driver

    3- what is the step to add or remove printer for an specific rang

    waiting your reply

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    1. The client will download the updated driver when they try and print.
    2. What do you mean delete users?
    3. Specific range of what?


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      deleat the users from the printer in one click

      how many employ connect to the printer ( there ip adress )


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        Put them in a group and assign permissions to the group rather than a user.
        As above, assign specific groups permissions to print and set the permissions on the printer.


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          can you please send me the steps because
          i am new on this


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            Do a search for user accounts and security groups.

            You create groups to manage access to particular resources. You populate those groups with the appropriate user accounts. Once your groups are set up using Active Directory Administrative Center you can assign the groups to your printer using the Security tab on the Printer Properties dialog.

            Users not in the security groups defined within the printer's security settings will not be able to print.

            Why do you want to restrict a particular IP range from printing? If these machines are used for particular tasks the staff using them should be restricted. Or, you can place the computers in their own OU and use Group Policy to restrict access to printers

            These types of tasks are essential if you need to manage your servers and access to the domain's resources. Spend some time on researching this - it will be time well spent.
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