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Static Drive Letters

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  • Static Drive Letters

    I am using Arcserve UDP as a backup program to backup my server. Windows 2012 R2, via N-Central. I am trying to find out how to set two different external drives to the same letter, so I can switch them out every night, without having to change the location that the backup is made. This way, we can have a backup made every night, and able to keep a backup offsite, in case anything happens to the backup that is at the office. They will not ever be plugged in at the same time, so there shouldn't be any conflicts between the two drives, if they have the same letter.

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    Computer Management
    Disk Management

    Right click on the USB drive and select Change Drive Letters and Paths
    Change it to the drive letter of your choice.

    Rinse and repeat with the other drive you want to use for the backup.

    I usually use B: as my drive letter of choice for backups. Makes it easy to remember, however if you still have 2 floppy drives in your Server then this is obviously not a choice.


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      Are you referring to tape drives? We've been using ARCServe for Windows for about 15 years but I've never seen a tape drive appear in Computer Management. But, we don't use UDP so that may be different in the way it works. Have you tried asking this question on ARCServe's forum? They have some very helpful people over there.
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