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VHD file Synchronization

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  • VHD file Synchronization

    Hi ,

    We are using Windows 2012 and Windows 2008 servers. There are about 50 virtual servers inside it.

    We are using Hyperoo Backup solution to backup those virtual machine inside NAS and for remote site backup we are coping those vhd files to the external hdd every week. Now the total size of all those VHD files are about 4 TB approx and coping those 4 TB every week in external drive will take approx 72 hours.

    Is there any utility available in market , which can detect the size of those individual vhd files and copy only those vhd which are get changed from last backup or else copy only small part of that VHD File ( e.g 1 gb size change in one VHD , copy only that 1 GB changes in the external drive ). This will help us to save the copy time.


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    I've just had a look at Hyperoo Backup and can see a 'Change Tracking' option - is that not applicable to your setup?
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      Thanks for your quick reply..

      Where exactly , that option is available...

      We are taking the backup in our NAS Drive , that NAS Drive is locally in our network and we plan for remote site backup. For remote site backup , we attach the USB 4 TB HDD at the back side of the NAS Drive in USB Port. Now from NAS , we are coping the file from NAS to USB Drive , that is taking long time of about 72 hours. We kept 2 External drive, Week 1 &3 and Week 2&4.Those HDD is kept at remote place. I am copying 4 TB data from NAS to USB Drive.

      My question , If I am making a full copy of 4 TB from NAS to USB it taking long time..but if there is any utility , which check the old existing file on USB drive and then copy the small changes again from NAS to USB Drive. , this will save my time..

      If there is any other utility , please let me know...also , if there is some good strategy for remote site backup..please let me know..



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        What speed is the USB port on the NAS working at - it sounds as if it is USB2 not USB3
        Have you tried plugging the drive into a USB3 port on a PC and copying from the NAS over a network?
        (and checking the USB drive is USB3 - I assume it is but ass-u-me)

        Could you give us an idea of the make/model of NAS, but it is unlikely that it will offer any block level file operations
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