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PPTP using port 1723 the "old fashioned" way in 2012

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  • PPTP using port 1723 the "old fashioned" way in 2012

    I currently have an SBS 2003 server and have two remote clients using the old way port 1723 VPN to connect. I'm upgrading to Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials and it seems they now require SSL certificate and a new way to VPN in. I only have two remote clients and will always use a static IP and I'd rather just put in a rule on my firewall allowing 1723 from the remote IP address like I'm doing now. Is there any way to do this in Server 2012 R2 essentials like I did in SBS 2003? I can see where Anywhere Access would benefit an office where there are remote users connecting from all over but this just doesn't apply to me and I'd rather find a way around not having to buy a certificate and have to pay for every year. If there is no way to do it in Windows Server 2012 I might install SBS 2003 in a virtual environment just to do the PPTP part but I'd rather avoid that scenario too. Any help would be most appreciated thank you!

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    PPTP is deprecated because the authentication protocol used, MSCHAPv2, is fatally flawed. Logging in from a public WLAN is basically the same as sharing your login credentials with anyone sufficiently motivated to run a read-made sniffing tool that can be downloaded freely from the Internet.

    You should go for DirectAccess or SSTP. Both require a server certificate, but nowadays those are free.