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Server 2012R2 - single server

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  • Server 2012R2 - single server


    Not sure if this should be posted here or terminal services, but here goes.

    I'm looking for a single 2012R2 server, remote access solution. Just saw this article and wanted to know if this is the solution ( ) for what I'm looking to do?

    Small organization with about 15 users (8 remote users who come onsite and log onto the domain occasionally. They currently use windows 7 & 8.1 laptops to access one (1) application.) The onsite users access the application along with accessing stored files on server and uses printing.
    The new server is being setup to look exactly like the old server (name, ip address, etc.). The original server will be taken out of service once everthing is setup and working.

    The new server is installed with Windows Server 2012R2 standard (roles installed: AD DS, DNS, Print services, joined to the domain), has one (1) database application, (have user and device cals licenses), I'm looking for a clear explanation of how to setup remote access on the server. I know I'll need the remote license mgr. and probably the remote desktop gateway to be installed, but what of the other services such as remote desktop connection broker, session host. I don't think that Remote Web Access or the virtualization host are needed to do what is mentioned.
    Looking for the easiest way to setup and administer remote access for the users. Would I just install the roles that I need (i.e.:licensing and gateway, ??? through Add Roles & Features) or would I use the remote desktop services wizard that installs everything? And if I use the wizard how would I disable the roles/services that are not used?
    Do we need certificates and if so where do we acquire one? Was reading that if DC is setup as (yyy.local) that would be a problem, is this correct?

    Here is what has currently been completed in preparation for remote access.
    The application is on the server and the 2 folders that users need to have access to have had the permissions set.
    User accounts have been setup on the server along with the corresponding user group for those using the applicaiton.
    The users laptops are already setup to connect to the server, using old remote desktop connection settings.

    Additionally, within the next 2-3 years the number of users will probably double, just not sure how many of these will be remote users.

    On a side note, any ideas on books or trainings that will get up-to-speed on 2012 server?


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    You need an RDSH server. The RD Gateway and RD Web components are additional components that compliment the RDSH host. You can't do anything with the RD Gateway or RD Web if you don't have an RDSH server. You'll also need an RDS License server and RDS CAL's. With only a single RDSH server you won't need an RDS Connection Broker.


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      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the reply and info. I will add the rdsh and license server tomorrow when I get access to the server. I do already have the cals. Just one more quick question. Do I have to install the gateway? I'm not planning on installing the RDWeb it's not needed. Will let you know how it turns out.


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        The RD Gateway isn't required. You would use that, for instance, if you wanted external users to connect to the RDSH server via HTTPS rather than RDP.


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          Look the the "Terminal Server" role (not called TS anymore, as you know) as a solution that's made of several components. However, the RDH component is the engine that runs under the hood. Without it, it won't work.

          Daniel Petri
          Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services
          MCSA/E, MCTS, MCITP, MCT


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            Just got back to setting up the server. I've installed the Remote Desktop Session Host & Remote Desktop Licensing. I've activated the License server/installed CALs. But there is no option for RDSH that allows me to do any configurations.- it's not there, even though it shows being installed. When I checked online it says that I have to run the Remote Desktop Services scenario-based installation and then Quick Start. This installs all the roles under Remote Desktop Services. Is there anyway around having to install everything just to have the RDSH?