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  • Assign domain names to servers

    Hi, this is my first post here! I have 3 servers with windows server 2012 R2. The first is a domain controller with dns and dhcp also installed, the second is an iis web server and the third is a remote access server. Also i have 8 static IP addresses from my isp and a domain name( with unlimited subdomains. How can i assign the to the iis web server and the to the remote access server, so i can access them through internet?

    Thank you!

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    1. Pick one of your 8 static IP addresses then pick a subdomain, ie ""
    2. edit your PUBLIC DNS SERVER and add a new "A NAME" record for and point it to the IP Address for the static IP address
    3. On your firewall/edge router, create an inbound nat entry and any corresponding rules you require, allowing traffic destined for the static public IP address and forward it to the internal IP address of
    4. Repeat for webserver.

    You may also wish to create static outbound nat mappings as well, or use VIPs completely. It depends on your network infrastructure and what options you have really.
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      Thank you very much for your response! That's that i need!


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        Lets say for example i have a modem/router device only and the following public static ip addresses:,,,,,,,

        and my local ip addresses of the servers are:,,,,,,,,
        1. I am going to my domain name dns and point the to the
        2. Then go to my modem/router and forward the port of my remote access server to the
        3. Go to my local DNS Server and point to
        Is that correct?


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          Uhm.. yes.. but if you want to forward the same port to multiple internal servers (IE, port 80 or 443) if you just have a generic modem/router, you won't be able to do iot. You'll need something with a bit of ability.
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            What is the make / model of the router and or modem
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              I have a linksys LRT214 router. It supports NAPT Port forwarding and port address translation, so i think it is ok.


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                On top of what tehcamel wrote, I would also create an internal DNS zone that matches the external one, and, if needed, create A records for the IIS machine in order to help with internal name resolution. The reason for this is that sometimes when INTERNAL computers attempt to resolve the EXTERNAL FQDN, they do this against the INTERNAL DNS, which resolves the answer to the EXTERNAL IP address of the web server, and, depending on your NAT, router and FW setups, they may not be able to access the INTERNAL server by using EXTERNAL IP addresses.

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