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RDP with Dedicated IP + VPN anywhere access

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  • RDP with Dedicated IP + VPN anywhere access

    Hi All
    I am new here and my name is richard. I just recently bought a home server dell power edge t110 II and i have installed windows server 2012 r2 and setup my active directory.
    Internal in my network from home i have no problem to access the server via the rdp. So i bought for about 3 months ago a VPN with a dedicated ip and thought that i can use it to setup my server with the dedicated ip. With setting up the VPN on the server 2012 r2 i connected to the vpn and got my dedicated ip and i could connect from outside my network BUT if another user is logging into the rdp with his user account for rdp, vpn gets disconnected and then the dedicated ip is not anymore active and the connection from outside my home network gets lost.

    Is there a way to use my VPN with the dedicated ip to setup on my windows server 2012 r2 so that it is always active and the users can logging in from the outside. I have enabled the VPN passthrough and the necessary ports for it and tested it successful. What i also did is to point that dedicated ip to my own domain so i do not need to remember the ip and can use my domain name or subdomain whichever i have setup for it.

    Thank you very much for the help and support here!

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    The VPN wit dedicated IP address, is there some kind of tunnel software that runs within a user session on the server? You'll need to find a way to tell that to dial the vpn regardless of which user is connected.... basically it needs to run in the background as a service
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      hi tehcamel thanks for the fast answer. I purchased it from purevpn and i am not sure if i can setup the vpn with a cisco vpn software? Isnt there a way to setup it up via the server manager? What could you recommend? I am trying to find something like that.


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        did purevpn give you software?
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          Yes they have a software as well they gave me the host name, ip, user name and password. I can set it up with software or then with Windows vpn. Or any other software. I have tested the software and as soon as I login with other username it disconnects with software and / or with Windows vpn. Is their any software which I could use like for example Cisco Vpn or similar things which might work? Thanks!


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            You need to configure a permanent "site-to-site" style IPSEC vpn. This guide might help

            You'll need to amend it a little bit to suit your own circumstances..
            you may also be able to use your router to create the vpn, dependent on what router you have
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