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Publishing remote apps for 30 users?

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  • Publishing remote apps for 30 users?

    I want to publish an application using Remote App in Win-Server-2012-R2. I did some research & was able to setup in a test Win Server 2012 R2 VM. Right now, I can access remote apps like paint, notepad etc. which I added for testing. But I am confused and have no idea if I need any Licenses for publishing another app for 30 users to access it.

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    Well, you do need the requisite number of Server CAL's, RDS CAL's and any applicable Application CAL's (such as for Microsoft Office, for example).


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      What is the difference between Server CALs and RDS CALs? Why would I need Server CALs?


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        The Server CAL is a base CAL and the RDS CAL is an additive CAL. AFAIK, you need both. Have a read of the PDF at the link below. IMO, the best thing though would be to consult a Microsoft licensing expert.


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          Last months i work on a project to setup/configure RDP Servers and transfer 70 users in Remote Desktop Enviroment. I had confused with the licensing but it's very simple. You need x Licences for the x Servers that you have and x RDP User Licenses for every user that connected in RDP Servers. It doesn't matter if your user use one remote app or more. It takes the difference if the RemoteApp is the Office. Then you must have plus x Office License for every user that use Office.

          So simple