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Administrator doesn't have permission to update DNS

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  • Administrator doesn't have permission to update DNS

    I had my Windows Storage Server 2012 configured and working fine. There was then a power outage. I can now no longer access the server remotely because I believe the DNS configuration is messed up. However, when I got under Network Connections and try to edit the connection to update the DNS connections, the 'Properties' button is now grayed out and I can not access it. I am logged in as the Administrator so I should have permission like I did before. Is there a way to get the permissions back?
    I also noticed that I now have the error:
    NtpClient was unable to set a manual peer to use as a time source because of DNS resolution error on ''

    But I believe this is because of the DNS issue and once the DNS is set properly, this error will be resolved.
    Please let me know if you have any ideas

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    Is this a domain or local administrator account?

    btw, consider almost any other time source than, which is accurate only in a geological sense
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      It is a local administrator account


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        Is it a domain member, could it be controlled via GPO? Are there other functions the local administrator is unable to perform that you would otherwise expect to work? Have you tried using powershell or netsh to change the DNS Server instead?

        (Accessing a server remotely won't be affected by DNS, if you use the IP address of the server)
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          netsh was helpful. I don't do much work on Windows so I am not overly familiar with how to troubleshoot these issues. It appears that the main issue might be that the network card needs to be reinstalled.