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RDS Server on Server 2012 ML330 G6 - Which is best for perfomance?

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  • RDS Server on Server 2012 ML330 G6 - Which is best for perfomance?


    Im looking to build an RDS Server and was wondering what peoples thoughts are on performance with regards to creating a single raid 10 with 4 1TB SAS 7200 disks and then partitioning the disk into OS and data or building the server with 2 raids, raid 1 for OS and 10 for data - with the second option the RAID 1 OS disks will probably be SATA 7200's.

    Thanks as always

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    How many users? Drive capacity seems a tad on the small size to me.
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      Only 4 users to start with (the objective is to offer a sister site access) as it grows and requirement increases so will the available disk space. Thanks


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        Be careful with the disk partitioning - on an RDS server the biggest space hog is generally the users profile folders so I usually use one big C: partition for RDS servers rather than OS and data.
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          We do redirects for our users so Im assuming this shouldn't be too much of an issue? Also we do have an application pushed out to our desktop clients in which it resides on a separate partition so as long as I allocate plenty of space for each it should be ok. Just finished the install - next thing is to test.

          Its only a lab server at the moment until its been fully tested.


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            Also - are you aware of any issues using a single server for all the roles and running sql? Thanks


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              Its certainly not recommended in production, but for testing, rules are often broken
              Remember SQL server will hog memory (by design) but give it up when other processes need it

              Do you have the option of a number of VMs with separate roles (which, btw?) so you can scale them out easily if you move to live
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                Unfortunately we don't currently, this server is physical as our VM environment hasn't the storage space to host the machine and we don't have enough VMware licenses. Its currently running as "all in one" and I guess I can test to see how it copes with SQL express etc as well as the clients connecting. Am I correct in thinking there is an application which I can install which will benchmark the server in a VDI scenario?



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                  5habbaranks - I always say "cheap is the most expensive". Remember that, as trying to save money on licenses/hardware instead of PROPERLY doing it the RIGHT way the first time may end up in it costing way more in the future, and it may come back and bite you.

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