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Windows DHCP Logs Issue

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  • Windows DHCP Logs Issue

    Hi Guys,
    I am facing a very strange problem with our DHCP Server, We have already configured the scopes that we are going to use in the future, basically the scopes are configured and DHCP is deactivated just now and it will be enabled when we are ready to use the DHCP.
    The Problem is that i looked at the directory that contains the log files (C:\Windows\system32\Dhcp) and it was almost 8GB of size and I couldn't figure out what was the problem but i did come across the following fix which reduced the directory size to 9MB.
    1. Restart DHCP server service
    2. Restart DHCP client service
    3. Do a manual backup of DHCP by going to DHCP on the server > Open the DHCP management console > Right click the server name in the tree view on the left and choose backup. It will default to C:\Windows\System32\Dhcp\backup as the location to back up to. This is fine so click OK.

    This provided me with the workaround because even now i need to manually run this every two weeks to take the size down of the log files. Does anyone know why this problem is keep occurring? does anyone know how to fix it?
    any help would be appreciated?
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    What is in the logs? What are the offending log file names? Do you have auditing turned on?

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