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  • Moving DFS data

    I have a DFS question, I’ve been asked to move 110GB of data from one of my DFS namespace folders to another namespace folder.

    I have x3 DFS member servers in a full mesh

    Situated on the same site (on the LAN)
    DFS1 Primary
    DFS2 Secondary

    DR Use Only (Remote site)
    DFS3 – Referals disabled

    If I disabled replication on both namespaces & moved the underlying data on each server into the same place would tis mess the DFS Manifest index up?

    Syncing 110GB of data isnt an issue on the LAN but syncing this to DFS3 is over a WAN which is going to cause blockages.

    Someone recently copied 100GB of data onto another DFS folder & this cause replication issues which is what Im trying to avoid.

    Thanks in advance

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    Well the good news is that DFSN and DFSR are integrated but separate. You can delete the namespace without deleting the replication group. I would simply create the namespace you want in the location you want, get users accessing the new namespace, and then delete the old one (making sure not to delete the replication group).

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