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WSUS 6.3 Very slow downloading updates

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  • WSUS 6.3 Very slow downloading updates

    I know this is more than likely an age old issue, but I'm have major problems getting my updates to download to my WSUS 6.3 on 2012 R2. most of the fixes I've found deal with 2k3 or 2k8. I've found nothing on the 2012 side of things.
    I am migrating my 2003 environment to 2012, starting with my WSUS Server. I have a 100mb link (up and Down) and the server has 32 gig mem with plenty o storage.
    I installed WSUS with no problems, however, downloading the updates are taking forever.. literally 600mb of 35gig in 6 days.
    I've gone through most of the "fixes" for 2k3 and 2k8 all with no results

    Any help would be appreciated!!


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    There are a couple of suggestions here regarding the configuration of BITS and also disabling McAfee which have helped.
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