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    Im just playing about with VM's on my home network, I have windows server 2012 setup with a windows 10 client in a domain, can you advise if I can setup RDS with this one server or do I need more than one server, I read somewhere that you needed 2 servers which would be a bummer.


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    IIRC, the MS position on Hyper-V roles is that the hypervisor should ONLY host VMs, and should server no other roles at all. I think that's a licensing issue but am not 100% certain. If you want to host RDS services, you have to stand up a another VM to do that. I thought the basic 2012 install licensing as a hypervisor gave you more than one licensed VM license, but you'll probably want to confirm everything with an MS licensing outlet. And if you ask more than one, expect different answers from each. Operationally, it's certainly better from a stability/resource aspect to only run the Hyper-V role on the physical server, and then use VMs for everything else.
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