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Stop Saving On Desktop

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  • sunnys_111
    started a topic Stop Saving On Desktop

    Stop Saving On Desktop


    I want to Apply A GPO Setting, Which will stop Saving file on Desktop for All Users!

    Server : Windows R2 Std
    Client OS : Windows Xp SP3 / Windows 7 SP1

    please suggest.....

    (All of Users has a Bad habit they want their Desktop with files and folder !

    Some time it get deleted accidentally but they still never stops from saving habit on desktop)

  • biggles77
    Re: Stop Saving On Desktop

    Had an Luser who had 42GB on the Desktop. I explained why this was such a bad ide and showed her how to move the folders to Documents and then to create a Shortcut back to the folder and have it on the Desktop so she could still find the required files. I had her do this a couple of times so they knew how to do it without cocking it up.

    Nine months later the Luser had 96GB on the Desktop. A GPO to stop saving there would be oh so nice. Oh yes, none of her data had been backed up despite me emailing the DL each time there was a special on USB HDDs at various outlets.

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  • Ossian
    Re: Stop Saving On Desktop

    IIRC there is no actual GPO to prevent saving to the desktop, but there is one to not save the desktop on logoff. After a couple of days of losing everything they put onto the desktop, even the most obtuse users get the hint.

    What has worked for me is:
    Get management approval (demonstrate risks of current method)
    Advise users of change for 2 weeks )(daily emails)
    Implement change (preferably on a Friday afternoon)
    Take week holiday to avoid the fallout
    Come back to umpteen complaints - point them at management and the amount of notice you gave

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