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iis 7.5 ftp problems

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  • iis 7.5 ftp problems

    Our network is acrive directory, 1 domain controller, 1 backup domain controller, mail server and IM server. The server acting as an FTP server works fairly well. It is setup using FTPES with user isloation, physical directory and enable virtual directories. The logon from the internet workw fine but trying to logon from the internal network errors out with "timed out, unable to retrieve directory listing" and the log reflects error code 550 but I cannot find anything that shouldn't have access.

    The second problem lies with not being able to configure user isolation to allow network users to have private directories. I have followed a 1/2 dozen examples and they always fail with some sort of a logon error so I have never really been able to see it work.

    Third problem is similar to #1 except it is with users trying to connect to the FTP server with a smartphond/tablet that uses either AT&T or Sprint. T-Mobile and Verizon work fine.

    I'm stumped.....