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Rejoing domain

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  • Rejoing domain


    I have an issue when I created a GPO to install MSI package (antivirus) for computers in the AD domain.

    windows 7 installed fine, simply by restarting them.

    windows 8 and XP did not, but they succeeded when I rejoined them to the domain and restarted them,

    strange issue right !?

    how can I solve this issue !?

    is it possible to send a command to all computers to refresh thier membership in the domain !!?? (just an idea )

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    Re: Rejoing domain

    Not as strange an idea as you may think. We recently had a need to reset some PC account passwords against the owning domain, which is part of what happens when you dis-join and rejoin a domain. You can use netdom.exe to accomplish the same thing. Follow this link for an MS KB article:

    While that article states you have to do it locally from each PC, you may be able to use Powershell to do it remotely. Assuming you have a working remote access authority on your domain, you may be able to use a command like this:
    'invoke-command <pc_name> {netdom resetpwd /s:server /ud:domain\User /pd:*}' (see esp. item 4. on the page link above for explanation of the terms in the command example).

    The bits inside the curly braces is the cmd-line instruction you would use if you were logged into the PC in question. Once the command comes back, issue a 'restart-computer <pc_name>' to do just what it says--reboots the PC. If you have a list of PCs, they can be read into a variable and that variable name used where I've put '<pc_name>' in the command. For single PCs, we use the same cmdlet to force a GP update on PCs: 'invoke-command <pc_name> {gpupdate /force /boot}', which does the update and restarts the client, all in one line.

    By all means, try this against a specimen machine, then expand your list as you see fit (one OU at a time, up to the entire domain when workload permits.)
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      Re: Rejoing domain

      thanks a lot RicklesP,

      the issue is resolved when I tried to create GPO but instead of configure it for computers, I configured it for users,

      at login, MSI package was installing,

      thanks again for your advice.