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Mouse stops

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  • Mouse stops

    I am using Windows Server 2007 SP2, and, suddenly the mouse wheel started not working. I changed batteries thinking the old battery had run out of power, the blue light flashes indicating connection between the mouse and the small device that attaches to the USB 2.0 port, but the mouse does not move around on the screen and I have to restart I guess.

    It's unconvenient to have to save using the sole power of the keyboard, if I was at the airport I would freak out probably.

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    Re: Mouse stops

    I would try using a wired mouse first (or at least a different mouse) to rule out issues with the mouse itself. You should also check if the USB port has a power saving mode - if so, disable the power saving in device manager
    [Edit] re-reading your post (wheel stops, then mouse) strongly suggests the mouse itself may be faulty - what make is it?
    You could also look for more up to date mouse drivers
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      Re: Mouse stops

      Had a Server where the mouse cursor would freeze for a second or 2 as it moved across the screen. Fortunately I wasn't responsible for purchasing the greyware crap but unfortunately it was the ONLY Server (AD) on site. The company suggested sending it back to them for testing; as if HA!

      Solution, RDP Sessions. Thank you junky old desktop, you saved my sanity.
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