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Remote profile v2 empty

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  • Remote profile v2 empty

    I configure profile path for domain user on a network share location.

    User Profile as:

    Home folder as:

    Folder created successfully at both location.
    remote1.v2 at User Profile & remote1 at Home folder location.

    I notice remote1.v2 folder is empty & all data is saved at network server local drive C:\user\remote.

    why data is created at local C drive instead of user profile folder ??

    I also configure roaming profile using domain GPO.

    Did I miss something ?

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    Re: Remote profile v2 empty

    use redirected, rather than roaming..
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      Re: Remote profile v2 empty

      Also check permissions on the final folder (remote1). Had an issue a bit similar and there was a quirky permission in it though I can't remember exactly what it was. 18 months is a long time for someone of my age and degenerate mental ability (or lack of).
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        Re: Remote profile v2 empty

        Thanks for the reply. I fix the permission issue.

        I need to ask something more.
        The data is saved on both locations
        server local drive C:\user\remote1
        User Profile remote1.v2

        Also if I login remote user from different machine, profile created at its local drive C:\user\remote1 too
        Is there anyway to save data only at roaming User Profile path ?

        I don't know about folder redirection. Can it be useful ?


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          Re: Remote profile v2 empty

          Folder Redirection works.
          All data is saved at sharing location rather than local C drive.
          Thanks for the help.