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    I just want to clear up something before I proceed installing the local DC in my windows server 2008. As you know, you'll have to put the I.P before you proceed to the installation, right? but i doubt for one thing and that is the Preferred DNS. What if, I already used it in my other server, Can I still use it to my other server too? OR can I set any preferred DNS.
    Also, What I wanted is just to install the Active Directory and not the DNS or DCHP because we already had it (though I know that it is a requirement).

    Please I need some advise.

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    Re: DNS Setting

    If you already have a DC then use that IP. If you don't have a DC/AD network then the Preferred IP is going to be that of the Server you are installing DNS on. Don't forget to add external DNS IP(s) to the Forwarder Tab in DNS (Properties) if your Alternate is not an external DNS IP. (Sounds confusing but I don't have a DC at present that I can do any screen grabs from to make it simple.....sorry)

    Once you have added DNS to this Server than you can change the Preferred IPs to and the other DNS IP as the Alternate.
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