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PST Files backup with users connected

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  • PST Files backup with users connected

    Hello everyone,

    For our small company, we have about 20 computers. about 10 of which are important computers with important employees with important emails. Every night, we run a backup of our Domain Controller. The DC is where we keep our outlook PST Files (as well as everyone's "Documents" folders).

    My questions are as follows:
    -If someone is using their email during a backup, does it skip that file all together?
    -If someone was logged in, and timed out due to inactivity, it simply locks the computer. Does this lock setting close out the use of that PST File for proper backup?

    I am under the impression that if the user is logged in during, or if it is simply locked out, there will be NO BACKUP for those PST Files. Is this safe to assume?

    Is there a way in Server 2008 to setup an Automatic Logoff after a period of inactivity? many forums are referring to the WINEXIT Screen saver provided with 2003.

    Any questions and advice are welcome and appreciated!
    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: PST Files backup with users connected

    What do your backups show? Are the files being backed up or not?


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      Re: PST Files backup with users connected

      (a) moved to server forum as not really a "system management" issue

      (b) You do know that PSTs over a LAN is a "bad thing" as there is increased risk of corruption and data loss? (

      (c) what backup software are you using, and can it handle open files?
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        Re: PST Files backup with users connected

        Thank you for all your replies,

        Joeqwerty, my backups show the file is there. I haven't run the restore job, but seems as if I could without issue. Can't tell without testing though. Beside the date when trying to restore the file, it says "Snapshot". Does this mean it is not a full backup?

        Ossian, Thank you for the proper placement, I feel I am always asking the wrong place, I appreciate that it does get taken care of.

        B) I am aware PST over LAN is a bad thing. I have been asking to get an exchange server, or go to an alternative method that i have read into.. I am not the most experienced so the company is hesitant to let me make changes, understandably so IMO. I am slowly and steadily trying to work this network into something much easier to manage. I work with a consultant to point me in the right direction.

        C) We are using Symantec Backup Exec 2010. I do believe it supports open files. Is there a way to double check this is enabled? or should I simply test it by trying the backed up PST File, which is completely doable today. One of the workers who left his email running, is out of the office today. I would love to avoid this for time purposes.