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    Hi, please forgive my inexperience with servers, but what I know is all self taught as I've gone along, and admit that I perhaps am out of my depth somewhat, but could really do with some help from someone in order to set up my server(s).

    I have a sbs 2011 server at our main office, which also runs exchange.

    This works well, and all seems ok.

    I also have a second site (Home1) where I have a server 2012 (not R2).

    I somehow (years ago) managed to set up, using RRAS, a site-site vpn, and all worked well enough to even have DFSR set up so that a few directories would synchronise over the vpn.

    My colleague then wanted to also have a similar set up at HIS home address (Home2) so I got a Server 2012 R2 and set it up in the office, replicated DFSR fully, and then started the challenge of the VPN Site to Site setup.

    Now, I can't for the life of me, work out what exactly I've messed up, but I couldn't get the Home2 vpn link working, and in the process appear to have screwed up the Home1 site-site link... even though I'm convinced I never changed any settings on the office server or the HOME1 server.

    So, what i'd like is some advice on perhaps a step by step method of how to get this all up and running from scratch if at all possible.

    Or, am I asking too much here?

    I can pay by paypal if that is more of an incentive to anyone?

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    Re: Site to Site help...

    Did you mess with any Port Forwarding setting on the Router?
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      Re: Site to Site help...

      no, didn't touch the routers.

      all three routers put the servers in the DMZ.


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        Re: Site to Site help...

        What kind of firewalls are you using?

        If this is for a business and the data is important to the business, then I would get business grade firewalls and configure them to handle the site to site VPN connections. They will be more secure than the RRAS VPN.

        Without seeing the setup and getting a lot of detail, I don't know if we will be much help.

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          Re: Site to Site help...

          No Firewall.

          We're not a really big business, and there's no sensitive data going across.

          I've finally got the original site-site vpn link working, but can't get the new second link to connect at all.

          There really isn't much to our setup... SBS 2011 in one office, 2012 in another, and 2012 R2 in another.... surely someone must know how to set RRAS up to access all three servers?