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What resources does a security group "use"?

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  • What resources does a security group "use"?

    Yes, I did a search of both google and this site before posting this question ..

    I inherited a site from a system admin who is no longer around. There are a ton of security groups that to me, seem to all do the same thing (many of them have the same members). But before I start nuking security groups and making wholesale changes, I would like to know if these security groups are used for something specific.

    IOW, I don't want to break things in my cleanup.

    So - is there a way I can see what is using a particular security group?

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    Re: What resources does a security group "use"?

    I don't have the specifics in front of me, but a colleague & I were recently talking about a cleanup as well, and we'd found/figured out how to use Powershell to query a set of folders, for example, and remove specific groups holding permissions on those folders (in DFS). If memory serves, you're looking at the folders as container objects, and checking the properties for a specific group name.

    While that will at least help you find the groups used for folder/file access, it won't help you with Group Policy security filtering, Remote Access permissions or printer access, as examples. Maybe someone more well-versed in PShell could carry this on.

    If I find or can recreate what I described above, I'll post it.

    UPDATE: Here's a link you may find useful. It does what I described to start with, but this wasn't what I had seen before. give it a read: ''
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      Re: What resources does a security group "use"?

      AccessEnum and ShareEnum will also help with this.
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