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Server 2008 c:\Users and \c:\Profiles with mapped drives

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  • Server 2008 c:\Users and \c:\Profiles with mapped drives


    I have a server 2008 r2 (64) with windows 7 (64) desktops

    In AD I created myself a Brian user ID and with I log onto the server I default to C:\users\Brian, instead of logging onto server with default administrator

    I created a local folder on the server c:\Profiles and added a Brian for \Profiles\Brian to use, I assigned my self permissions and able to access

    Under the default domain policy I created a mapped drive H: to \profiles\brian, to use the \profiles instead of \users, using \profiles\%username%

    From the desktops I default to \users\brian on the server and not \profiles\brian on the server.

    I created several non-admin accounts for other staff, I tested with these accounts and they do default to \profiles\users so the mapped drive GPO works

    Q: what is causing my brian admin acct to use \users and not the GPO \profiles\%username% mapping? They both use the H: drive



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    Re: Server 2008 c:\Users and \c:\Profiles with mapped drives

    No need to map a drive for Profiles. Look in AD User Properties --> Profile and set the path to the profile in Profile Path. use a UNC and NOT a drive mapping.
    For more info: Profiles
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