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Network Shared Drive (with DFS) hangs frequently

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  • Network Shared Drive (with DFS) hangs frequently

    Hi all, my office uses network shared drives with DFS replication.
    Lately it hangs frequently, and I cant pinpoint the culprit, checked the event viewer, nothing really point out, even when I searched for the exact timing when the hang happened.

    The server OS is Windows Server 2008 64bit SP2.
    OS on client side are Windows 7.
    antivirus AVG.

    I already scheduled the DFS sync timing to night time after office hours, but still it hangs, so I don't think the issue caused by DFS live sync.

    I'm really frustrated at the moment, please help.

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    Re: Network Shared Drive (with DFS) hangs frequently

    are you storing a dB on the share? a .pst or .ost for example?

    what does the replication backlog look like?

    what is the bandwidth set at?
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