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Server 2008 GPO to hide desktop icons

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  • Server 2008 GPO to hide desktop icons


    Is there a way with server 2008 GPO to restrict selected application icons on desktops?

    I have TrueCrypt and Symantec Disk Encryption and I want to hide the WIndows 7 All Programs icon and any task bar icons by applications



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    Re: Server 2008 GPO to hide desktop icons

    For the Task Bar (system tray) icons, each program should have the option not to display that (Symantec certainly does, BeCrypt does, so TrueCrypt might). If you're installing them using deployment from an image, make those settings in the image and re-capture. Next deployments shouldn't have them visible.

    As for the All Programs list, I know you can turn groups of icons, even all icons, off, but I haven't come across a means of selectively removing specific icons. You may end up using a startup script to do that. Once an app is installed, the next reboot looks for the presence of a folder or shortcut, and deletes it if found. If they're not there next boot, the script halts.
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