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  • allow specific program only

    Hi ,

    We are using windows server 2008 R2 Edition and configured Remote Desktop Service role on that server. Now we have recently installed , WAMP Server in individual user session. Now , every time when user log off and login again in RDP server , and they start WAMP , it ask for administrator authentication. Can i permanently authenticate that program as a genuine program. I can not provide administrator privileges to user as those users are developers and can make my RDP server damage.

    Is there a way to authenticate that WAMP Server every time without administrator password...


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    Re: allow specific program only

    You can use the Application Compatibility Toolkit to create a shim that allows the application to run as Administrator every time without user intervention.

    Note that as the application will have administrative privileges, users could potentially (ab)use the application to perform administrative tasks, delete or edit protected files, start other processes as Administrator and so on.