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SBS 2008 - Outlook certificate error

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  • SBS 2008 - Outlook certificate error


    Working on an SBS2008 server that is set to receive mail and have Remote Web Workplace at the external domain The web hosting company holds the DNS records including the pointing to the fixed IP address of our server. We also have a website at companyname dot com hosted by them.

    Due to a company structure change we needed to use a second company name (call it "newname") and so we got a new external web domain of newname dot com which points to our old companyname dot com website.

    We added the new domain as an accepted email domain in Exchange so we can receive mail to either the new or the old domain. Over time we've moved to 90% using and so the SBS mailbox created rules have been altered to give all new users a user @ newname dot com account.

    This has all been working fine until our certificate expired. We renewed it but now Outlook on many machines throws up a certificate error saying: " - the name on the certificate is invalid or doesn't match the name of the site" and when you look at the cert it's talking about, it's the main trusted cert I installed for

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    Re: SBS 2008 - Outlook certificate error

    even though you've changed the email suffix (or email domain name) this hasn't changed your Active Directory domain name (which is what matters here, and with SBS, you can't change it)

    did you just renew the existing certificate, or create a new one ?
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