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Server 2008R2 terminal server GPO printer problems

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  • Server 2008R2 terminal server GPO printer problems


    I'm having some problems with deploying printers via GPO using item level targeting. This has worked before.

    The printers are added in a single policy, every printer object uses item level targeting which points to the user's computer's hostname. So hostname X gets printer X etc. You get the idea.

    Previously the printers were set to "Replace". This however caused slow GP processing on logon and the occasional printer not found errors ( when trying to automatically set a standard printer.

    The fix according to someone was to change the printers to "Update".

    After setting the printers to Update some are no longer pushed, there are two standard printers that always get pushed no matter who or where you are, the rest is optional. So it seems that every printer that uses item level targeting (every printer except the two standard printers) doesn't add anymore.

    - Deleting all printers and logging out and in doesn't work.
    - Doing Gpupdate /Force does nothing.
    - Changing the printers back to "Replace" does nothing.

    The funny part is that the optional printers also don't show up using RSOP. NOTE: I know RSOP can't emulate the "Client Name" property we use for item level targeting so for testing I've changed the item level targeting value to a specific user and run RSOP as that user on the target machine.

    Can someone tell me what I'm not seeing here?

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    Re: Server 2008R2 terminal server GPO printer problems

    Short update, rebooted the TS.

    Still no printer, but it does show up on a gpresult /h. Replace / Update make no difference, the policy fails with error: 0x80070709 which leads me back to my previous problem..


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      Re: Server 2008R2 terminal server GPO printer problems

      Fixed, I can't explain why the printer didn't show up in the policy at all but after it did and I got my 0x80070709 back I managed to fix it.

      In my case I had previously replaced the printer that I was testing on. I renamed everything in the old printer object.

      But, if you use AD container view you can see in the printer's atrributes that the CN= is still the old printer name and that it's shared under that name.

      So, either make a new printer object or republish it in AD so the name ends up correct.