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Multiple DHCP scope move/migration from One DHCP server to another across site

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  • Multiple DHCP scope move/migration from One DHCP server to another across site

    Hello i have two sites A and B, in site A my DHCP on windows 2008 is configured and serving the IP address for site A and B as well, now i want to Create a new DHCP server in Site B so that incase of any WAN issue between the sites my Site B should not get be affected and obviously i want to export some of the scopes which are is use for Site B not all. Is there any another important information i need to consider. I just prepared a small plan pls let me know if i m missing something or need to include some impt part. Is anything i need to consider from the Network Side. Thanks
    1. Logon to the source (W2K server
    2. Start the command prompt (cmd.exe)
    3. netsh dhcp server \\DHCP01 v4 export c:\DHCPexportScope{ Used v4 bcoz in windows 2008 if we will be exporting the without that then it might give an error} what if I need to export multiple scope at a time ? can I use the below syntax/cmd
    4. netsh dhcp server \\DHCP01 v4 export c:\DHCPexportScope {for multiple scopes}
    5. Copy the export file to the other (W2K server
    6. stop the DHCPSERVER net stop DHCPSERVER or using services.msc
    7. delete the DHCP.mdb (located c:\windows\system32\dhcp)
    8. start the DHCP server
    9. netsh dhcp server \\DHCP01 V4 import c:\DHCPexportScope
    10. netsh dhcp server \\DHCP01 v4 import c:\DHCPexportScope {for multiple scopes}
    11. After all above we to authorize the new DHCP server and disable to exported scope on the old server!

    After that do i need to add the new servers to the DnsUpdateProxy group and they should be able to update the existing records.

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    Re: Multiple DHCP scope move/migration from One DHCP server to another across site

    Your commands appear to agree with MS guidance on how to use the 'netsh' command in this instance, but there's one thing you should think about which you didn't touch on: multiple DHCP servers all offering the same IPs, and that can see each other.

    If you want DHCP at Site B to work whether Site A WAN is up or not, then you should alter your scope(s) so the range of IPs at Site A does not overlap the addresses at Site B. You can do that with Exclusions in each scope. This means that, if DHCP servers are offering addresses to clients in the same subnet, each site's server can only offer PART of that range, while the other site's server offers the rest of that range. Both are configured to offer the entire range, and then each has an exclusion set which ignores the range from the other server.

    2008R2 has a wizard that can walk you thru this, but with older 2008 you have to do it manually, as with 2003.
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