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Server 2008 R2 installation with RAID 5

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  • Server 2008 R2 installation with RAID 5

    I have one fresh server Dell poweredge r710 with 6 HDD

    need to install wid 2008 R2. need to configure RAID 5... and c drive should be 75 GB.

    Now what is the procedure to do...please help step solution..means what should i do first (Format OR RAID OR Partition)??


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    Re: Server 2008 R2 installation with RAID 5


    You'll create the RAID array first in the RAID controller configuration utility

    Once Windows setup is running you will create the partition for the Windows install

    Windows setup will then format the partition before installing Windows

    All of this can be done via the Dell LifeCycle Controller, if I'm not mistaken.


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      Re: Server 2008 R2 installation with RAID 5

      Are you putting the operating system on the RAID 5? Is that now Best Practice? Only ask as it may have changed since I first started configuring Servers and if it has I will still put the O/S on a RAID 1.
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        Re: Server 2008 R2 installation with RAID 5

        I agreed with Biggles77.
        I would do the following.

        OS/Application -> RAID 1 (2 HDD)
        -or you can split the volume to 2 parttion on RAID1 for OS and App
        DATA -> RAID5 (3 HDD)
        Hotpare -> (1HDD) best practice. Always have a hotspare HDD. so incase of 1 of the hard drive gone bad. The hotpare HDD will kick in and replaced the bad HDD automatically. Then you just need to physically replace the bad HDD and it will become a new hotspare HDD.

        To create RAID from scratch.
        Reboot DELL server
        on the post. keep an eye where it say RAID configuration.. or something like that..
        Press Ctrl R
        It will bring you to the RAID controller interface.
        On the RAID screen F2 to get into configuration mode.
        from there you can create your RAID to however you wanted.

        Sorry, I just go off of my memory, but there where you should start. If you want a details instructions. I can recreate the RAID on off my DELL servers and give you the walkthruf. But give that a try first.
        Once you done that one or twice. It gives you a better understanding on how to configure the RAID etc..