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Implementing Quota on users home folder

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  • Implementing Quota on users home folder

    What is the most effective way to implement quota on users' home folder?
    I know I can set a soft or hard quota by using quota management in the File Server Resource Manager console.

    But the quota I set there is for files owned by a user, and not files that are in the user's home folder.

    Lets assume I have a folder called E:\users, under which I have placed users' home folders, such as E:\users\Joe, E:\users\Robert etc. If I create a quota for E:\users, I get to know which user is exceeding the quota or not, but the information I am getting is for files owned by that user in E:\users.

    So if Joe's home folder size is 250 MB, but he also has 100 MB worth of files, that he owns, in other users' home folders, then Quota Management will report that as Joe using 350MB in E:\users. Which is basically correct, but is there any way I can set the quota to apply on Joes home folder only?

    Obviously without having to define a separate quota for each users home folder in Quota Management. That would be way too cumbersome for 500+ users and the fileserver would have to use resources to keep track of 500 different folders.

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    Re: Implementing Quota on users home folder

    how would joe own users in Fred's folders?

    set your permissions so a user can only write to their own folders.....
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