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Windows Serverbackup to Network Mapped Drive

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  • Windows Serverbackup to Network Mapped Drive

    Hi All,
    We are using Windows Server 2008 R2.
    Backup target location --> NAS location & mapped as Network drive in the server

    > How to perform the WindowsServer backup
    > Can we perform the backup to the Mapped network drive? what is the process?

    Please provide the information.

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    Re: Windows Serverbackup to Network Mapped Drive

    Yes, you can perform backups to a shared folder with Windows Backup in Windows Server 2008 R2. No, it's not a good idea at all.

    Windows Backup was modified in 2008 R2 (or was it in some Service Pack?) to support shared folders. Prior to that, you could only back up to dedicated disks. (Well, prior to 2008 you could back up to tape drives, but Microsoft presented the removal of that feature as if it was an improvement. OK, enough about that.)

    If you back up to a shared folder, you get one backup per target. That's it. No snapshots, no backup history, no nothing. The previous backup effectively gets deleted at every run. This is usually not sufficient for most organizations.

    Compare that with backing up to a dedicated disk, where multiple backups are stored using VSS. OK, Windows Backup will silently delete old backups when it runs out of space, or when you exceed 64 generations, but still.

    If you can export a disk or a partition on the NAS as an iSCSI device, that's a much better idea. Connect using the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator, and you have dedicated backup disk that stores up to 64 backup generations.

    (If you can afford a third-party backup application, that's even better.)


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      Re: Windows Serverbackup to Network Mapped Drive

      Hi Ser Olmy,
      I have tried using this Windows Server backup.
      I found like, data will be backed up as .VHD format. Along with this .VHD file, there are many other files like .xml, etc.
      Could you please provide the information of
      > what are those files other than .VHD?
      > What is the purpose of those files?


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        Re: Windows Serverbackup to Network Mapped Drive

        Extensible Markup Language (XML) files that detail the backup history, catalog, and system configuration details of the media