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Server 2008 R2 GPO not working in Workgroup enviroment

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  • Server 2008 R2 GPO not working in Workgroup enviroment

    Good morning.

    I hope some one can realy help me out on this one as i have no idee what to do any more. I have a server 2008 R2 with around 200 users on it, I have NO DOMAIN so running workgroup, and my users RDP to the server. So on all of our other servers the setup is the same. Ok so basicaly i just run mmc, group policy object and browse to Non-Administrators as i only want the restrictions to take effect on the users.

    It worked for over a year now, and now it doesnt work any more. I have noted that by deleteing the gpo on non-admins the users have complete access to everything, and i do set up alot of restrictions, like run, contronpannel, hide all drives from my computer and alot more. basicaly they can only use the shortcuts i place on their profile desktop. Any help on this matter would be greatly apreciated. Only some of the gpo's take effect the rest are just ignored, correct me if i am wrong but this looks like the gpo are just being overwritten?

    If I need to give any more info please let me know i will be more than happy to supply all the info needed to get this problem resolved. Thanx in advance!

    Ps. i have spent alot of time on still unable to resolve.
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